Christmas season, not only candles burn but my thigh...

Hard to believe that this year is almost over. When I pass this year in review, I must admit that a lot of things happened.
Starting from the preparation for the European Championships, the early finish of it in relation to my injury, and a long rehabilitation summer at the Olympic base so as the gym. Additional my C-Trainer license, the change from my home club, Chemnitzer AC to my new club AC Mutterstadt and my comeback to weightlifting business after half a year.

The next step was the qualification for the World Championships and of course the participation, in November, in Turkmenistan – Ashgabat, competing in my new weight class, the 81 kg class.

Up front I want to mention, that I was not happy with my 154 kg snatch and 185 kg C+J performance so as 4 valid lifts. I could have done better, but it could have been worse as well. After my injury, I got a predicted mandatory break of a year, so the participation at the worlds was far away. One thing everybody knew, but nobody said was, that the participation at the worlds was an obligation. Then the way the qualification for the Olympic Games works, I needed those points from the worlds to make sure I have the possibility to participate. No worlds – No points ---- No points, No Olympic Games. It is just that simple.

After my pain-free re-entry with light weights, I put in my whole dedication to catch up on the huge residue. In the end, it all worked out just fine. After a high-speed preparation, I was back on stage and delivered my competition performance, which was a big question sign for so long. I totally forgot about my injury and my six months mandatory break. Place 12 was the result, as an optimist I say better than place 13.

Currently, I am back in my training routine for about four weeks, and the „ German-Volume Training“ is making my tights burn. Yeah, preparation time is just the nicest time. But strength is needed, as I already had my first competition with the Bundesliga Leader Derby against the AC Speyer a week ago. The next competitions are already on my agenda as well. Mid-March will be an important competition taking place in Iran, which is important to collect further points. Followed by the European Championships in April, taking place in Georgia. Since time runs, it won't be long until I am back on stage. Of course, I am excited for the Bundesliga matches with my club as well, I use them as preparation as well, to gain back my competition routine.

Ich möchte den Blog noch mit einer Erklärung abschließen, die sicher einige interessieren dürfte. Anfang Dezember fanden im bayerischen Roding die Deutschen Meisterschaften statt, leider ohne mich und auch viele meiner Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus der Nationalmannschaft. Der Grund hierfür ist schnell zusammengefasst, denn unser neuer Wettkampfkalender ist dank des neuen Qualifikationsmodus für die Olympischen Spiele prall gefüllt. Diese Wettkampfdichte veranlasste unser Trainer zu einer Wettkampfsperre an diesem Termin und daran hält man sich als braver Schwerathlet natürlich. 😊

Finally, I want to wish you all a beautiful and cheerful Christmas season. Merry Christmas and a happy New Sports Year 2019!!

Stay strong!
Yours, Max