Everything new makes the July!

Since the beginning of July, weightlifting is back on my training plan. If you call it weightlifting;-). Then who follows my Instagram Story’s, will have recognized that my training weights are no actual weights. But that is wanted that way. 

Up front, in my control MRT, last week at the Athos Clinic in Heidelberg was a clear improvement viewable and that matches my own feeling. Therefore we are heading in the right direction- it is going forward.

So currently I am in the phase of the pain adaption, that means, the pain receptors get used to the strain and the pain will disappear eventually. That is surely a question of intuition and I should not get too ambitious too fast. I am focusing on the right moves instead of heavyweights. As you know, what is not possible with light weights, won't get better with heavy weights.

The whole process will go on for another three weeks before I can start back as usual. I am definitely looking forward to a successful and hopefully injury free preparation for the world championships.


And even that I couldn't do a lot of weightlifting lately, I kept myself quite busy besides strength training. I was on tour...

Maybe you know, German Weightlifting was on a summer tour and therefore one week every day somewhere else. The reason for it was to see what is going on in our association and to give our new national trainer for the youth, the possibility to seek new talents.

To show my support for the German Weightlifting Team, I visited the SUS Derne/ Dortmund as a surprise guest and trained there as well.


The tour found its end in Böbingen at the German Youth Championship and I had the honor to hand out the medal, certificates, and towels to the best boys and girls. There I realized that time flies..... But that is another topic.