First Competition

17.02.2018- was the last date I stood on a competition stage. And most people know what happened after that. A quite long mandatory break and its bad taste was everything that was left from a pretty good preparation for the European Championship 2018.

But that’s life, especially within sport. Get back up, fix yourself and start all over again. So it is clear how happy I am to be back on stage after half a year. And most important, pain-free!

On the 22.09.2018 the German "Bundesliga" League started in Mutterstadt. Therefore, it was not only the first competition after my injury but the first competition for my new team AC Mutterstadt. Actually, there were three reasons to be nervous on the 22.09.2018, because the qualification for the upcoming world championship was a topic as well.

The plan was to start pretty relaxed with a 135 kg snatch and a 165 kg Clean and Jerk into the competition and increase the weight up to 145/173 for the final attempts. The necessary amount of weight which has to be handled, to qualify for the world championship is 327 kg as total, this was 9 kg higher than what I planned for. Long story short, I wanted to do the norm and decided to go for it after a good warm up. Well, it worked.

With 150/180 and 330 kg as my total I was reliefed from a few worries at the same time. A good start after my injury for my new club, 6 valid lifts, the norm for the world championship and all this painfree! I was satisfied.

And even for the whole team was this evening a sucess. With 849 Points, we reached a result which has not be reached in a long time. That makes you fancy for more and sends significant signals to our competitors.

After chatting with fans, responsibile persons of the club, my team mates and after everything in our hall was back on its place (Yes we tidy up ourself after a competition) the evening was over for me. And at about midnight I made my way home. By the way, I slept great.