A big visit from big America

I was really excited when we met up for a mutual training in our training hall. It was maybe my great English that was supposed to be on point for the next hours or the fact that Harrison Maurus in real life was coming for a visit.

Harrison was with his parents on Europe tour, to recover from the Junior World Championships and to gain strength for the upcoming World Championships in Turkmenistan. Because of his stop in Heidelberg, he took the chance to come and meet me. 

We knew each other from Anaheim, but we weren't really close beside the fact that we both competed in the same weight class. But this was about to change. After I showed him our holy halls of weightlifting, the changing rooms, and the restroom, we started to train. For him pretty easy and for me too because it was Sunday. While we were training we had the chance to speak about the most varied topics. And of course the new weight classes.

What we didn't talked about while training, we caught up on while having dinner with Harrison's parents.

It was really fun and, at the point I was teaching him the German „Trainingsmittelkatalog“ verbally and in writing, all the tension was gone. From now on Harrison is inducted and can start his life in Germany.

The scale showed 83 kg for Harrison, for him, his new weight class is clear already, he will be competing in the 81 kg class.

I was not sure if the 73 kg class would be an option, but this thought was canceled because my BIA showed a body fat from 8,7% of 80 kg body weight. So my lean body mass is 72,9 kg, therefore the 73 kg class isn't possible without the loss of muscles.

That was the reason for my decision to compete in the 81 kg class and I am hoping for some more potential, talking about my snatch + clean + jerk total.

Watch now my training video with Harrison on YouTube: