Meissen Cup 2018

This time I could only be part of this cup as a viewer. Right, because of my injury. After a quick visit of my family and some new wheels for my car, I made my way to Meissen.

During my ride I was actually thinking “maybe it is nice to just watch”. At the end of the day, I won the trophy already three times. 

The event was way different this year: for the first time since its opening, the cup took place in the new weightlifting hall of the AC Meissen. Let me tell you one thing, this hall is great. Because of my good relations with the AC Meissen, I was allowed to sneaky sneak park right in front of the hall – oh yes, that was how I imagined it. 

I was warmly welcomed at the entrance and given a tour of this great new hall. Two floors: upstairs the seats and the competition floor, downstairs the warm up area. In between both floors, the BMK Media Production with all their equipment was located – practically the headquarter for the smooth operation of the live stream. That was the moment when my initial attitude changed. I was really in the mood to compete, and not quite happy to “just watch”.

I was thrilled about the guests we had from New York. Viviana (Everyday Lifters) and Danny Casey, the owner of the weightlifting academy in New York, came to Meissen for a visit and for taking some pictures of the competing athletes (her pictures are amazing!). I had already known Viviana a bit longer through social media and got to know her in person at the world championships. Danny I only knew through social media, but he also is a really great guy and even speaks some German!



My tasks for this Cup were clear. It had been previously planned that Sali and I would host the live stream, but I was exchanged for Danny, which was maybe better. So, I had time to talk to the fans, coaches and athletes and, most importantly, watch the competition (temporarily even from outside the hall, thanks to the live stream).

About the competition: From the beginning it was clear that this was going be an exciting event. There were so many top elite athletes. Ritvas Suharevs and Rebeka Koha from Latvia, Bernadin Matam from France and Arkadiusz Michalski from Poland, to only name a few.

After I had already congratulated Ritvas, Arkadiuz demanded 222 kg for his last C*J attempt. As a matter of fact, he made it and won with 185 relative points. One point better than Ritvas, that’s hard. Rebeka won the ladies section and made an overall fifth place.  

And all could be watched Eurosport style via live stream. At this point a big shout out to the organiser, the TV team and the moderators. The traditional Meissen Cup just got way more modern through this and hopefully will continue its way to becoming a big international Grand Prix.


When even Gregor from ATG had removed all his equipment after the award ceremony, the event was over and it was time to meet up at the banquet to finally have a great dinner.

All in all, it was a great event. I am happy that I was invited as a special guest and got to see everybody again.  

I even made a video in vlog style, so if you’d like to, you can watch it on YouTube, just like the complete competition. There we will also address the question why Matam had a little but still serious problem before the competition.


Till soon, stay fresh

Yours, Max