Update Injury


Since mid-February, I am taking a mandatory break from weightlifting. Almost four months went by and I think it is time to update you on my current status.

In my last “Injury Blog” I told you about a little strain. That is old news by now. My body awareness finally made me get an MRT. According to the doctors, it was not necessary but I wanted to bring more clarity to the situation. And there was the diagnosis – crystal clear, more negative than positive: edema on my left pubic bone.

An edema is an encapsulation of fluids and can be a result of a constant physical overload. The whole thing is, in my case, to be found in my bone. It radiates from my pubic bone and causes the pain in my adductor, particularly at the muscle insertion. Because of this pain, the doctors were sure it is a strain of the adductor and nobody thought about edema.

Long story short, as soon I activate the muscle, I feel an intense pain as if I would stretch it and when I contract the muscle, I feel a stitching pain on the muscle insertion of the adductor.

- That is clearly not good -


The worst part about it is that you don’t know how long the regeneration takes. It could be anything from two weeks to a year. I am going with the golden mean and hope that I will be able to train by the end of June. So I am thankful for everybody who includes me in their evening prayers to support me.

Patiently waiting and drinking ginger tea is not my strong suit. So, apart from my regular rehabilitation training, which includes training the antagonists and stabilization training, I try to maintain the strength of my big muscle groups. A few bench presses, bench pulls and so on. That is not only something new but also keeps me motivated. The thing is that an injury is stressful and not good for mine or anybody’s mood and therefore definitely not good for my fellow human beings.

So that’s it for today and with my update so far. A soon as I am ready to start again, you will hear from me.

Peace out